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I was the girl with the broken pencil sharpeners.
I hid in my closet, a rendezvous with my razor.
My scars were hidden by my smile.
Nobody knew my mind and my heart were at trial.

I never wanted to stand up and fight.
I thought it best to just keep quiet.
What use would it be to ask for help?
In this battle, it was me against myself.

I heard people say, “It gets better.”, but
I never thought I would escape this dark endeavor.
Then, something changed.
Perhaps with intellect, passion, or only age.

I took a moment to look at all the clouds.
I started to wonder what it was all about.
The sky was gray, but that’s what made it beautiful.
It was a day unlike most others, an original.

I was empowered by that tiny thought.
I stepped back and, for the first time, looked in the mirror with awe.
It took more than just that moment, of course, to get to where I am now
, but I learned that some of the prettiest days begin with a cloud.

Looking at me today, you might have some doubts
given my attitude, my pride, and sometimes my (a little) too big mouth.
That was my past, a part of who I am, and there will always be clouds
, but they are not going to stop me from taking a stand.

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